All About SnapBots Chart Pattern Bots Review

sandy parker
1 min readApr 6, 2021


A lot of newbies like me who are new to this trading world or crypto world would be lost in the wolves of traders.

For us newbies chart pattern bots will be a greater help to study the market.

What is Chart Pattern?

Chart Pattern is a graph drawn within a price chart that helps to suggest what will be the next best price. Chart pattern are an integral aspect of technical analysis.

Chart pattern helps trader to analyse the movement in the market better. It will provide a framework for analysing between bull and bear markets

SnapBots community provides a Chart Pattern Recognition Bots. Their Bots monitor multiple markets 24/7.Once a certain pattern is detected bots will immediately alert the subscriber.

SnapBots Chart Pattern Recognition Bots will provide you a detailed update of each stock, and how the market is moving for the stock. If it is a bullish movement or bearish movement.

How to Receive Chart Pattern signal?

Person needs to subscribe which asset class chart pattern signal they want to receive. They can contact their customer support or can join the community for support.

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